Learn More about Door Locks


Knowing about different types of door locks is very useful especially if you want to replace your old ones with new and better locks. Investing in door locks is just a small amount to pay but you have to make sure that you get high quality and effective types of locks. Read more about different types of door locks to help you decide what to use and what to avoid. Here is some helpful information:

Combination Door Locks
As people are becoming more aware that going keyless is so convenient, these are becoming more popular nowadays. Combination door locks open when the secret code is entered on the keypad. These locks are mechanical which means that they don’t need wires or batteries to run. Keyless locks are easy to install. All you need is a combination of numbers and/or letters and you may change the combination easily whenever you want to. Combination door locks offer more security than traditional door locks because they cannot be picked or bumped.

Patio Door Locks
This type of door lock is usually easier than other door locks for intruders to open. Sliding patio doors can be simple enough that even a child who sees how these door locks work, can easily figure out how to open one. Keyed locks and physical locks are also available for some patio doors which can keep the door from sliding. These door locks can be installed at the top or at the bottom of a patio door.

Keypad Door Locks
We often see keypad door locks being used by commercial, industrial, or government establishments but they are now becoming popular for residential use as well. These door locks require a number combination before a user can open them. These are great for those who tend to lose their keys because it means that they won’t need to leave a spare key in a hidden place for emergencies. Keypad door locks are easy to install and be programmed for any number combination – usually from 4 to 8 digits long. Users may change the combination for the keypad door lock anytime they want.

Card Door Locks
This type of door lock is battery operated, some of which, even have their own small generators installed inside. Users insert a card with a magnetic strip into a slot to be able to open the door. Some card door locks have a keypad for card or keypad entry. Users who are authorized can easily open the lock. Because these locks can easily be reprogrammed to accept or deny certain cards, they are becoming more popular. Card door locks are typically used for dorms, apartments, and hotels.

Sliding Door Locks
Sliding door locks are often considered to be the casual “family” entrance to their home which makes them inviting to burglars or intruders. They are among the easiest locks to overcome because of the physics of traditional sliding door locks. To add more security to these door locks, some people install physical sliding door locks that will hinder the attempts of even a determined burglar. When in place, these door locks present a physical barrier to opening the door. They can be put at the top or at the bottom of the sliding door.

With so many types of door locks to choose from, people should decide carefully on what to use for their homes, offices, or business establishments. Knowing the right type of door lock that will match your requirement is very important. Our doors are the main gateway to our private space so we need to invest on the proper door lock for our own security. Do some researches first before you buy a specific type of door lock. It will save you time, money, and effort if your door locks will be effective and will last for years. Feel free to call 24/7 Oklahoma Locksmith to get more information about which type of door lock will suit your needs.