How to Protect Your Front Door Lock from Being Picked


People feel safe behind lock and key but a break-in can still happen especially if your doors are not fully protected. A secured front door acts as the first line of defense against a break-in so installing quality locks would prevent determined burglars from entering your home. Here are some tips to help you add more security to your front and other doors in the house.

  • In addition to your primary lock, it is a good idea to install a deadbolt for they are more resistant to lock picking than traditional door locks. This secondary lock will require an intruder to work twice as hard.
  • Upgrading your basic door lock to a model with higher security features is also a worthy investment. Locks that features contoured or shaped internal pins or a side bar can easily frustrate lock-pickers. Less common types of lock such as a tubular lock, dimple lock, or rotating disc lock can also add security because they require specialty tools to pick, which a typical burglar won’t have on him.
  • Make your front door more visible from the street. Remove obstructions like statues, potted plants, or other decorations near the door. This will create a less-inviting environment for lock-picking. You might want to trim back hedges and bushes bordering the walkway to the front of the house.
  • Keep a strong light on all night to cast illumination on anybody trying to gain entry to your home. Remember that burglars and other intruders take advantage of the dark, so make extra precautions by using bright lights.
  • A home security system or a CCTV is also good investments as they will give you more security in the house.
    You might want to consider hiring professionals when installing or replacing front door locks or other door locks around your home. These experts have years of experience and know-how when it comes to this matter. Contact 24/7 Oklahoma Locksmith to assist you with any door lock related service.